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Smoke Squadron, is a local multiplayer arcade flight battle game, in which you control a small remote controlled airplane and battle using machine guns, missiles and a smoke trail (Gas BTM) that kills at touch.

The game is a prototype  and is being tested.  A Joystick for the second player is required.

Player: (Keyboard / Xbox Control)


  • W+ A+ S + D = Movement
  • Q + E = Yaw Movement
  • Left Shift = Boost
  • Left Mouse Button = Machine Gun
  • Right Mouse Button = Missele
  • Space = Gas BTM (Solid Smoke)


Smoke Squadron: É um jogo multiplayer local, estilo arcade e batalha aérea. No jogo, você controla um pequeno avião de controle remoto e batalha usando armas, mísseis e uma fumaça sólida para criar novos obstáculos, tornando cada partida única e altamente dinâmica. Você deve evitar bater nestas fumaças, pois seu avião explode ao toca-las.

O jogo é um protótipo e está sendo testado. É necessário um controle para o jogador 2


  • W + A+ S + D = Movimentação
  • Q + E = Yaw Movimentação
  • Shift Esquerdo = Boost
  • Botão Esquerdo Mouse  = Metralhadora
  • Botão Direito Mouse = Mísseis
  • Espaço = Gas BTM (Fumaça Sólida)

Install instructions

Download the folder and inside, play the file "SmokeSquadron.exe"


Smoke Squadron Game 0.6 104 MB
Smoke Squadron Game 0.5 104 MB
SmokeSquadronGame_old 340 MB

Development log


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It seems like a very promising two-player game. The graphics look great with a lot of details in the textures. Flying is easy, while the huge, open level means that the only challenge is provided by the other player. Thankfully there is the boost, so you can get to where you're going faster. It was nice to notice that you can hit relatively easily with the weapons, especially the missiles, so that you can try to shoot from distance, if you want to.

I'd like to invite your game to take part in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for your feedback! And we're happy for the invite. Off course we want to be part of the contest! Send me more informations, please.

We'll work hard in development of the game and all feedbacks are importants for us =)


Thanks for your interest! You can enter the contest here: www.thegdwc.com. The entries are open until the end of September.