Ivan is a Soviet communication soldier who was captured by German troops during the WW1 in the year 1917. The legend is that the soldier lives in eternal torment for having died during torture and haunts the communication channels of the European and Russian region, known as Ghost Radio UVB-76.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHardcoffee Game Studio
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Indie, Point & Click, Singleplayer, suspense, terror, web


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A short, but well-made point-and-clicker. The colour palette with the various greys works to make both a chilling atmosphere (together with the ambient music) and a consistent look. The puzzles are easy, so it's more of a game to experience rather than get challenged by.

I'd like to invite your game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Off course, thanks for feedback =) we'll aply to the contest

Okay, thank you very much!


This was a really cool point and click style of game. Everything from the flickering lights to the unknown past was absolutely perfect. I hate this experience was so short, however I am happy to have been able to play what was there. This really makes me wish there was enough funding for awesome projects like this. The tone is dark and fantastically executed. The story is the basis of all good creepypastas the internet breeds. For what this was, I loved the mystery and detail it brought to my day. Wonderful work!

Hi Rayden! We're so happy to see your video, playing our game =D thank you! We put a lot of caution and hardwork on this project, mainly on art and music, what are autorals!

Yes, the game is very short and we built the game to pass a experience of suspense in short way, that was a huge chalenge, tell this history in few minutes and make the player understood what happen!
We're thinking in create a long game basead on this history =) be sure, we'll contact you when we do this. All feedbacks about our game are like this and we love! The game is intense, good (have some changes needded, like the vision effect, some people doesn't like) but short.
Once more, thank you so much for your feedback and we'll work to get better :)

Such a wonderful and rare game. Point and click styles are rarely used anymore so it is awesome to see someone still cares for the old fashion of gaming. Don't worry about any translation issues I think those are totally great and show the character of the game. Just do what your team does best ans make great games. I'll be following your progress on future games, I'm looking forward to HardCoffee Studios game releases!